A veteran of NYC’s globally renowned nightlife scene, Alexandria has seen the evolution of bottle service first hand, giving her a unique perspective on hospitality and its vision for the future.

Hailing from South Florida, Alexandria began her career in nightlife at an early age before the bright lights of NYC called her name.  In early 2008, this Florida girl with deep Ohio ties packed her bags for big city living where she found herself imbedded in the middle of super spending, late-night bottle popping NYC nightlife.  She began climbing the ropes and cultivating client relationships at venues like The Plumm, the elusive M Lounge, and powerhouse Pink Elephant before solidifying hospitality as her career when she joined EMM Group in 2009.  During her tenure at EMM Group, she opened the wildly celebrated SL in the Meatpacking District and the group’s FINALE.

While Alexandria grew in her role at EMM Group, she had an eye on the future, and a vision for something unique. In early 2012, along with 5 other veterans of NYC’s bottle service scene founded TheSix, an all female nightlife and events team.  Sound familiar?  You probably just read about it.  TheSix were the innovators behind One Night Only…, a series of uber-exclusive pop-up parties featuring ever changing DJ’s, concepts, and secret locations which were only disclosed 24 hours before the actual event… which lasted One Night Only.  

This year Alexandria decided to take another step in her career and joined LAVO Nightclub operated by hospitality giants Tao Group.  Shortly after joining Tao Group, Alexandria was approached by her brother (RT Murphy) and fellow mischief-maker LP Steele who asked her to bring her innovative vision and sound hospitality skills to LPRT Group as their Chief Marketing Officer.  While she is still a permanent resident of LAVO in NYC, Alexandria has been charged with overseeing the experiential marketing and hospitality practices for the groups flagship project Craft Social Club in Miami, FL.